Klik2 sahaja

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I pray for a better situation.

It is easy to say things. It is easy to comment on things. It is easy to judge things uncritically. It is easy to ignore many situations, conditions, probabilities, effects and it is easy to be insensitive.

Responding to the most debated issue in Malaysia now, MH370, it saddens me seeing, reading, listening to people criticising on things easily. Well, it's good, to discuss events. But, a few things should be applied.

Be a human being that makes use the mind wisely. Be critical and at the same time, wise, without prejudice, emotions but logic. There are ways in delivering our thoughts. You are what you say. Words that you say reflect yourself. It is your inner mind.

Well, this does not indicate that I am better than you are. I am no better than many people. That's why I would prefer to say less, because I don't know the truth. And if I have to say, I would deliver it as assumptions, not facts. Assumptions to indicate it can be true and it has equal chance to be wrong.

When we criticise Malaysia harshly, it MIGHT show that we don't treat Malaysians as our family. It MIGHT suggest that we are no proud of being Malaysians. I MIGHT be wrong. I assume this.

I have to admit that I don't agree in everything that happens in Malaysia currently, and also the way some Malaysians act on very petty things such as people cutting queue, honking during traffic jam, littering, squatting on toilet seats, and some other events that require me to think and take more time to list them down. BUT, it doesn't jeorpadise my love towards this country. I love Malaysia. I hope we can be better and it takes some time. We MIGHT learn through experience and time. Act and Pray. If God wills it, we will change, slowly.

Be sensitive people. Be a human.