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Sunday, June 10, 2012


It was a short vacation. And it was cheap. We are still managing our finance. Hope it becomes better. InshaAllah.

It was just a small town. We stayed in a small hotel. It was nice and comfortable.
We went nowhere except for dinner, breakfast, and a walk on the beach. The breakfast was superb. It was a small warung but its laksam and nasi berlauk were really (damn) delicious. I felt like going back to my hometown.

Small roads. Folks riding on bike without helmets but skullcaps.
Folks burned the garbage at their home yard. The smoke of it smelt nice. Not many cars or bikes on road at night. It was so 'kampung' like. What I felt was only this.


It was not luxurious. There was no candle light dinner. There was no spa or body treatment. There was no luxury hotel.

What we had was just a simple thing,
but it was a really nice moment.

(Source: Google)

Thank you love.