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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Puisi saya tulis ketika umur saya 22 tahun

Animal Kingdom

The king is the Lion clan
Memorandum declared by the folklores

This is a journey
To a new kingdom
Various districts
Various nations

The largest Mammal clan is The Elephants
The largest Reptile clan is The Python
The highest Flying clan is The Ruppell's Griffon
The largest Birds clan is The Ostriches
And the tallest clan is The Giraffes

Hippopotamus are humming
Tigers are singing
Fishes are dancing
Tortoises are thinking
Monkeys are discussing

Rabbits are playing hide-and-seek
Snakes are running

Enjoying their daily lives

But Human clan comes
Perturbing their kingdom
The Animal kingdom


liyana said...

i definitely like your poem...u shud write more dear..

ainguzzle said...

huhu. malu i. tq:P