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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Boss and an Employee

The Boss: TB
Bad employee: BE

TB: I need them ASAP
BE: We don't have the full list yet. There will be changes
TB: Just give me what you've got
BE: -

On the next day

TB: They don't match. Your list and the most current ones
BE: You told me to give you what I've got. I've told you that there will be changes
TB: What about X. It doesn't match. (Change the topic)
BE: This is what I have received
TB: X gave me other thing. X sent me an email, telling me the details
BE: I don't know. This is what X gave me.
TB: -

After 5 minutes.

TB: I've told you. what I've got is the right one.
BE: Give me the details, I'll update them. (Annoyed)

BE was thinking. TB wanted the list. What the hell with X that TB just brought in.


TB: Prepare these letters. I need them today. Send them today.
BE: There are a lot of stuff to do. Why don't we send them next week. This is not urgent. It is due in another 2 months.
TB: I need them by today.
BE: Ok. shgdfcfhfddfhvfv hj

After a few hours

BE: You want to check them first? Softcopy or hardcopy
TB: Do not produce them yet. There will be changes. Btw, where is the list that I asked you yesterday?
BE: -

BE left the room and...

TB texted BE.
TB: Come today. Urgent.
BE: I got an MC. I really cannot work.
TB: It is urgent. I need you.

BE went to work.
BE prepared all those urgent stuff.
After 2 hours, BE finished doing them.

BE: It is done. What's next?
TB: You look sick. Are you okay? I will send you to the hospital, if you want to (smiling)
BE: I'm good. What's next. You said it is urgent
TB: I think you may have a break now. Go back. After all, we cannot do anything because Big Boss (BB) is on leave today (smiling)
BE: You said it is urgent.
TB: I forgot that BB is on leave.

BE left.


TB: You have to come on Thursday
BE: I already bought the ticket. I will come on Monday
TB: It is urgent. I am afraid we cannot make it on time. Come on Thursday
BE: I'll try.

BE bought a new ticket. On Thursday morning, BE texted TB.

BE: I'll come today
TB: Come on Monday.

TB: Find me a few songs. I want listen to them while I am working. In MP3 format
BE: Why should I do it
TB: Because I did not manage to find them through online
BE: Shame on you. Google it
TB: I've tried. Didn't work.
BE: Google doesn't like you
TB: Why
BE: You are not cool
TB: What do you mean by that
BE: Don't get too serious. Your life has no fun if you get too serious
TB:  -


TB: What are the most current news for now. Other than Aminulrasyid
BE: Election in Sibu, another teenage got shot, Riots in Thailand...
TB: Not interesting. Other issues?
BE: Why don't you read the news by yourself.
TB: I want a shortcut
BE: Hire me to be your broadcaster then
TB: -

This is life. Life is beautiful.


diana ghazali said...

kalo aku, aku tak rasa beautiful pun, tensen lagi adaaaa

ainguzzle said...

mmg tensen. aku saja nak positifkan diri. hahahha

naa-chan said...

ain..good girl la mg ni...positive thinking...

Lina^ Chan said...

tabah.....geram....tabah semula....*mengeluh*