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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Malaysia is Our Home

I think:

The Chinese boy speaks fluently in English and possesses good knowledge. This is portrayed when he is presenting. Whether he reads a lot, or travels a lot or, watches good programme a lot. Somehow, he is exposed to what he has used (his vocabulary), for instance, great wall of something something.

The Malay boy speaks Malay while Rama and the Chinese boy use English. It shows what, huh? Heh. Then, "Ini rumah saya sebab saya kaya. Ini pool saya sebab saya kaya. Ini kereta saya Ferrirra". No content but just a matter of presenting. Fikir cincai, asal present sudah. Tabah. And, do not really know what he is up to talk about. Ferrirra?

The Indian boy. Rama. When he opens up his mouth. "This is my house". He is very confident until his teacher distracts him. The teacher seems to be really shocked and thinks that Rama does not understand what ‘dream’ means so he switches to Tamil. Unfortunately, the teacher is the one who does not understand what Rama wants to deliver. At least, he is thankful and dare to tell about what he has.

The producer said that though it is just a house yet it means something that is worthy for the boy. (Rama).

Meanwhile, when the Chinese boy and Malay boy tease Rama, the producer is trying to juxtapose the adults (Chinese and Malay) who try to demolish his real house. (In which, Rama’s mother fails to fight for it).

I read comments from youtube. Some think that this is political agenda, some believe that this is a jumbled-up piece of work, some think that this is good.

I think this is the reality. Though the ending is hang like that, it shows uncertain future of the child and this happens. I love this than Yasmin Ahmad’s Chocolate. I do hate the ending. Yet, this is the real ending for one chapter of a boy's life, whom we do not know but lives nearby, perhaps.


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