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Friday, July 31, 2009


Situasi aku sekarang. Memetik ayat remaja masa kini: Maalu giileer!

Andai ada pilihan tukar wajah seumpama tukar tudung. Aku mahu simpan wajah ini sebulan dua. Tab-AH!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Transformers 2

Too much expectation perhaps was put on this film. Indeed, this piece of work is predicted to be one of 2009 blockbuster shows. Yes, it does. Undoubtedly, the technology used astonished me. Yet, it was the only thing that manipulated my thought to make me admit that this movie is somehow O-Klah. Other than that, it does not really OK.

Saviours for this film are Leo and Mr.Simmons and the mother (Mrs. Witwicky). Leo, thank you for your hectic and chaotic attitude when you are accidentally involved with Transformers' stuff. (In the beginning, he is not that good). I'd prefer to define it as clumsy perhaps. Yet, it entertained me. I laughed most of the time when you were there. And for Mr. Simmons, his spirit of being a good citizen evolved. Funny. I forgot his slogan but I like it.

Two and half hours is not really a proper duration. The longer the duration does not mean the better the movie is. Cut it short. Haven't heard people say 'The simpler the better ah'?

Too much unrealistic stuff is shown through out the film. It is like Sam goes to space. Ironically, the incident happens on Earth so unnecessary stuff should be left behind and try to make it balance. I think that Transformers 1 got the fitting distribution scenes in which how much personal life should be put in and how much robotic mission should be involved.

The biggest, major spoiler occurred after I had been sitting and watching the film and was ready to get my ass off the chair. It is no need to Optimus Prime to stand beside Sam as if indirectly telling that he is charming and tough. Well, he is one of the heroes. No need to over-expose him. People know the fact. Certainly, we will. The intended meaning for that abstract message (My interpretation): 'Look at me people, I won the fight. Comic and I hate that. After all, not all movies can insert comical elements in them.

To people out there, it is just a matter of opinion. To my friends who do not agree, it is OK. No need to insist your opinion in a determined way as if I am your opponent in a court or a debate as if I am stealing your boyfriend stealthily.

Megan Fox is hot.

Sam got less expression when it comes to emotions. He hardly can not cry, so no need to try very hard because it will spoil more than what you've gotten. Don't be greedy.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ayuh Mengeji.

Tadi, dia memuji aku. Aku nampak anak matanya. Kerlingannya. Dan senyumannya. Senyumannya tidak sejajar dengan kerlingan dan anak matanya. Usah memuji jika engkau tidak mahu memuji. Usah muntahkan apa yang tak perlu. Simpan sahaja. Untuk... untuk... untuk apa-apa..

Teman aku pernah berkata.

D: Kalau aku memuji, bukan semua pujian aku ikhlas. Tetapi, kalau aku mengeji, aku mengeji dengan ikhlas. Kesemuanya.

Kenapa? Kerana kita mahu membeli hati. Apabila kita cuba membeli hati, kita terlebih jual manisan. Hasilnya, tidak ikhlas. Apabila mengutuk, kita geram. Sepuas hati. Lebih ikhlas. Jadi, ayuh mengeji. (Jika perlu)

Pendapat ini agak terpesong. Di saat kita mendengar luahan, keluhan akan musibah menimpa. Ayat biasa: "
Bukan rezeki", "Sabar", "Tuhan mahu uji kau".

Aku rasa ayat terbaik untuk memujuk... D-I-A-M. Dan hanya menjadi pendengar.

Kita bercerita mahukan pendengar, bukan pengulas.