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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bad Ass 190509

I checked my bank account
They banked in my salary
It was only 240
It supposes to be more
I counted. I thought. For awhile

I taught at least 5-hours per week
Let me count first...
What if I taught 4 hours a week?
It will be 160 hours a month and I taught for three months and I did not submit the third month attendance.
So it will be 160 multiply 2.
Ha! 320.
So it supposes to be 320!
It is the minimum amount and I taught more than this.

I want to quit. I renewed my position but I’ll quit. No regrets!
Time is precious. I want to be firm. Determined.

I checked my second bank account
The payment is not yet banked in
This fucking connection between MEPS and BANKCARD
They cut off my money for 14.
Yeah. Perhaps it is a small amount but it means a lot for me now.
I wish the money is there before new semester begins

I walked down the street



Did I do anything bad? Perhaps so…

Another bad day. Urgh.

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