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Monday, December 1, 2008

OUT of Your Mind

OUT of Your Mind

Deep and thin,

Imbalanced is immanent

causes I-R-R-I-T-A-T-I-O-N!

I think it is thick,

I’m lost in a thicket,

Air is thick in this thicket,

It becomes thicker

like using thickener into liquid.


Tickling, tickling, tickling,

My ticker grows fonder,

Don’t stop tickle my ticker,

I won’t tick off you,

I want to be a tickety-boo.

I close the lids,

I imagine the dream,

I mumble to myself,

What is this sound?

Inconsistent rhythm?


My mind C-A-N-N-O-T work!

No tickling anymore,

My ticker isn’t satisfy,

Stop tickling my heart,

I want to tick over this,

I ain’t a tickety- boo

because I can’t stand this!

It is 3.00 AM.

I want to stop the damn tick-tock!