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Friday, July 18, 2014

Life and Death

It's Ramadhan. A holy month.

Many tragic events occurred in this month. The most highlighted event is the war on Palestine.
May they stay strong and may God give them barakah, ya Rabb. I can't do much except than pray, donate and boycott. That's what most people can do. We can't go on war. I can't.

Then. Boycotting. Many people agree on this matter and many do not. This is what I think. Those who want to boycott, just boycott and you have your intention there. God knows why. And do not criticise those who do not choose your way. Those who disagree. Let people who choose to boycott, do what we want to do peacefully. Do not criticise our choice. You do not want us to talk about your choice, do you? So let us do what we believe.

Death. The war has caused many death.

Innalillahhiwainnalillahhiroji un.

They may expect it but yes, we never know when it will be. It could be tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, it can be any time for those in Gaza and for us.

When I answered my mom yesterday and she said, "Stay calm". I was a little bit nervous and terrified. And when I said, "What's the matter?" I really do not want to know what was the matter.

"Pak Tih died this afternoon. 3 pm."

My knees were trembling. My heart was beating fast. I was not close to him when he was alive. But I remember his kiss to my cheeks when I wanted to do MA a few years back.I felt...

Nobody knew that he had cancer. No one knew including him.

Yes. Death can knock on our door just like that.

And then a Malaysian plane crashed last night. Everybody has their own story. And if we listen to stories behind their cause of travelling, we may cry. I may. Some may not.

Again. Death can't be predicted. If it can, people will get ready. But, it can't.

Thinking about death makes me think about deeds. Good deeds to people surround me. To friends, family, mom, dad, husband, my kid. And my responsibility as a servant to Him.

One word. Tiny. Very tiny. It is me. Astaghfirullahal azim.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I pray for a better situation.

It is easy to say things. It is easy to comment on things. It is easy to judge things uncritically. It is easy to ignore many situations, conditions, probabilities, effects and it is easy to be insensitive.

Responding to the most debated issue in Malaysia now, MH370, it saddens me seeing, reading, listening to people criticising on things easily. Well, it's good, to discuss events. But, a few things should be applied.

Be a human being that makes use the mind wisely. Be critical and at the same time, wise, without prejudice, emotions but logic. There are ways in delivering our thoughts. You are what you say. Words that you say reflect yourself. It is your inner mind.

Well, this does not indicate that I am better than you are. I am no better than many people. That's why I would prefer to say less, because I don't know the truth. And if I have to say, I would deliver it as assumptions, not facts. Assumptions to indicate it can be true and it has equal chance to be wrong.

When we criticise Malaysia harshly, it MIGHT show that we don't treat Malaysians as our family. It MIGHT suggest that we are no proud of being Malaysians. I MIGHT be wrong. I assume this.

I have to admit that I don't agree in everything that happens in Malaysia currently, and also the way some Malaysians act on very petty things such as people cutting queue, honking during traffic jam, littering, squatting on toilet seats, and some other events that require me to think and take more time to list them down. BUT, it doesn't jeorpadise my love towards this country. I love Malaysia. I hope we can be better and it takes some time. We MIGHT learn through experience and time. Act and Pray. If God wills it, we will change, slowly.

Be sensitive people. Be a human. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It is very difficult, sometimes, to let ourselves aware and realise, that there are times, that, we should accept things can’t go according to plans, perhaps because, we've been wanting it for ages, I presume. Well, to cut it short, it is my situation (now) and I am trying my best to digest it and not to spill anything that doesn't make things worth to happen, or, may jeopardise what I've got now. There are other times, If God wills. May it come, soon. Amin. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Salmon Olio untuk bayi

Tidak menulis untuk satu ketika yang agak lama. Sibuk dengan urusan duniawi. Urgh. Kurang dua bulan sebelum mencuba sesuatu yang tidak pasti. Mudah-mudahan ini keputusan yang baik. Insha Allah.

Alang-alang cuti sakit, mari menulis blog. Resipi makanan bayi, Salmon Olio.


Ikan salmon (dicincang halus)

Tomato cherry (dicincang halus)
Segenggam pasta. Saya pakai pasta bintang Heinz. Klik untuk view gambar. (Ada halal, jangan bimbang)
Setengah bawang putih dan setengah  bawang merah. (ditumbuk lumat)
Satu sudu teh minyak zaitun
Sedikit daun parsley

Mula memasak:

1. Rebus pasta.

2. Toskan pasta sesudah ia masak.
3. Tumis bawang merah dan putih dengan minyak zaitun.
4. Masukkan salmon. Kacau. Sesudah salmon masak, masukkan tomato cherry. Masukkan air sedikit jika terlampau kering
5. Masukkan pasta. Kacau sehingga masak.
6. Tabur sedikit daun parsley. Kacau. 

Tadaa! It's ready!

                                         Cubaan pertama. Terlebih minyak zaitun tapi Sumayya suka sangat.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Si Penjual Roti

Keinsafan itu terbit sekali sekala. Aku harap yang terbit itu kekal dalam memori aku.

Hari hujan. Sungguh lebat. Semua kereta merangkak, perlahan. 
Dalam samar-samar, aku terpandang seorang penunggang motosikal.

Penjual roti. Motosikal penuh dengar roti. Perlahan bergerak, di lorong kiri, di lebuh raya itu. Penangan hujan lebat dan jalan raya yang tidak rata, ada lopak air bertakung. Apabila ada pemandu-pemandu tidak faham bahasa melepasi dia dan mereka memandu di lorong tengah, dia terkena simbahan air. Bukan sekali, bukan dua kali, bukan tiga kali. 

Banyak kali.

Sungguh. Aku rasa kasihan. Kenapa mereka tidak boleh ke kanan, cuba mengelak penjual roti itu?
Sungguh tiada belas kasihan.

Aku melepasi dia, cuba mengelak daripada menyimbah air darinya. Aku pandang cermin sisi kiri. Tidak nampak dia. Hujan lebat, cermin dihujani air tidak berhenti.

Roti-roti itu punca rezeki dia. Berapa sen sangat dia dapat hari-hari. Itu sumber makanan, pakaian dan lain-lain untuk dia, isteri dan anak-anak. Kalau dia menyara ibu-bapanya juga, bagaimana?

Apa dia buat sebaik pulang? Aku yakin ada sebahagian roti-roti sudah basah. Yang tidak basah, pasti pembalut-pembalut akan di keringkan. Memang itu bukan rezeki dia. Tapi, aku masih rasa kasihan. Aku doakan rezeki dia dimurahkan. Amin.

Seringkali aku mengeluh tiada duit, bergaji kecil, rungut itu, rungut ini. Tapi aku tidak fikir, aku jauh lebih mewah dari ramai orang, seperti penjual roti itu. Wahai aku, usah bandingkan hidupku dengan orang-orang kaya. Biar kaya ilmu dan budi bahasa. Usah jadi seperti pemandu tidak reti bahasa.

Harap ingatan ini kekal sebagai peringatan kepada aku.

Nota: Una Alhusna, seronok berbual bersama kamu. <3 div="div">

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Being mature doesn't mean that you are adults. It is something related to common sense. So, sensible is the key word.

What we do, sometimes, may affect things surround us, may jeorpadise many things. Thinking before taking action is a MUST. 

I regret few things that I have done. If I could turn back time, I would do it. Yet, it is NOT POSSIBLE at all.

I hate this. 

But I have to face it.

Because, this is LIFE.

One thing that we must always keep in mind.


Every thing happens for reasons.

Things that have happened make us today. Those are parts in our story board.

My life, my storyboard. I have you, you, and you. And so many people.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Apa yang kau cakap itu umpama mengadu domba.
Aku memang kurang berkenan dan tidak sangka itu boleh jadi tajuk perbualan kamu berdua.

Sekarang aku tak tahu mahu kata apa.
Aku macam tidak percaya kau lagi.

Aku niat mahu tolong kau.
Aku dapat ini.

Ini memang bukan hari aku.
Aku hilang sepasang perhiasan itu, dan hilang itu yang tersangkut di kerusi tempat kerja aku.
Dan aku hilang satu benda yang aku percaya.